The Kaholo is a hula step that is more commonly found in modern or ‘auana hula. Sometimes it is referred to as the “vamp” step or the “pa”, a step used between the verses of a song. “Holo” means to run, or to go.

The Kaholo is the most basic, commonly used step and when done correctly produces a graceful, fluid movement that becomes the foundation of a good hula dancer.

The Kaholo moves side – to – side, taking four steps to the right and four steps to the left.

I think of Kaholo as an imitation of our natural surroundings in Hawai’i. The shoulders are like the flat plane of the horizon. The center torso remains calm and still like the mountains. The hips move like the waves of the ocean. The feet sweep along the floor as the ebb tide on the sand.

Keep the shoulders level and the upper body still
Knees are slightly bent, in a flexed position
Focus on the hips swaying side to side in a gentle flow

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