A Hawaiian Hula Show on the internet


Aloha to my friends who love Hawaiian Music and Hula,

I hope you are all safe and able to stay healthy throughout this lockdown period. 

For those of us who dance or teach dance for a living this past year has been a very difficult time.

My main occupation since 1977 has been as a professional Hula dancer on the stage at the Halekulani Hotel in Waikiki. 

In March 2020 the hotel was forced to close due to COVID 19 restrictions and they will remain closed until October 1, 2021.

My musicians and I have been unable to perform live for over a year now.

So, I joined together with them and we decided to film some Hawaiian shows at a private home and put it out to the world. 

We wanted to continue performing our art and sharing it with those people who love Hawaiian music and hula. 

I have provided a link to the website above.

I hope you will enjoy the show. 

We charge a very small fee in the hopes that we can continue to produce these shows on a regular basis. 

Please share the link with your friends and fellow Hawaiian Music and Hula lovers.


Kanoelehua Miller

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