HulaStudio magazine Premier Issue is now available!


First Issue cover

We have tried to give everyone more of the simple down-to-earth connection to local information, mostly connected to Hula, but also about everyday  life in Hawai‘i. HulaStudio magazine offers an interactive tablet magazine that shares Hula tutorials, Hawaiian language lessons, Hawaiian music history, interviews with revered Kumu Hula, explorations of hiking trails and gathering techniques for plants and flowers used in lei-making, and an invitation into the delightful storytelling culture of the people of Hawai‘i. Each issue strives to offer a learning experience  similar to one you would get by spending a few hours in a real Hula studio. If you are one of the thousands who want more Aloha Spirit in your daily diet, check it out.

If you own an Apple iPad you can get our new magazine on the App Store. The best way to get it for yourself is by opening your iPad, clicking on the Newsstand icon, tapping on STORE and going to the search window and typing in ‘HulaStudio magazine’  and selecting GET. You then chose which buying option you want and follow the prompts just like downloading a song in iTunes.

Aloha, Kanoe